So about me: I'm 28 years old, and have lived in Southern California my whole life. I went to school at California Baptist University, and graduated with a degree in Christian Theology (though I'm not a Christian). Right now I'm working on earning a Computer Science degree, and am developing my own iPhone apps on the side. What I'm really passionate about with computers is Artificial Intelligence. My ultimate goal would be to create an artificially intelligent brain, which I could then download my brain to, and live forever. I'm a huge animal rights activist, and environmental activist, and am vegan as a result. I love to read and write about philosophy, politics, and science. I've traveled to many countries in my life, including parts of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific Islands. I'm married to my high-school sweetheart, and have a dog named Wesley, and a cat named Walle, both of whom you'll probably be able to see in my "art" section. Anyway, that's me in a nutshell. Peace.